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Human Qualities 

      Place to place, person to people. We visualize things as they happen in front of us; never thinking about the future and what in the past can be affected. We live in the now, we live in the present. We take steps and have actions that affect our day to day. We curve and accomplish, we conquer and venture. Theories to facts, facts to theories. They all have a place in the world, we live by theories everyday but they stay as facts so why categorize them as a difference. 

Humans stay to facts, because a fact is strong. A fact is adaminte. A fact is something someone can have and not look back. A Theory changes. Not the ones you see posted on social media or through art halls. The ones you live by, the things we consider morals. When you combine their theories with your motives it becomes someone’s life. 
A life meant to be as free as possible. A life to be able to enjoy, not stress about. A life that is meant to think of the fondness you’ll have for tomorrow and what’ll it 
It bring not the due date(s) in the back of your mind. 

A mental tie, is a tie that will not break. Emotional abuse will never fade from a person’s life. So when you ask yourself what does what i say to others mean for them. Is it hurt? Is it disconcert? 
Does it make them think or feel? 

Your words to anyone’s ears are a path and a seed to finding more about what they should think or feel towards you. These words, sentences, lectures or speeches should not be prompted to you. They should come out as natural as they can be. 
You, me, I. Need to feel. Experience and enjoy. We need to hear. We need to listen. My skin, size, age or appearance doesn’t define me. My mind does. I am a person, you are a person. We’re all people inert to life’s experiences. 

Writen & photo by: John Villanueva


This was written by a Photo Jornalist John V. I fell in love with every word and wanted to share it.

The message here is simple, be free, be kind, and don’t be defined. 

Thankyou John for sharing this with us! 


Monica M. N. 


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