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Trust in Yourself 

What is trust? 

Trust can be defined in many ways. 

Google defines it as, “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” 

I define it as having an undoubtful  confidence, faith in another being or thing and their morals. 

Who should we trust? 

From experience, I’v learned the person we should trust in is ourselves. Everyone, anyone is your life can make a desion you won’t agree with at any moment. It’s not their responsibility to worry about you. It’s your problem. So therefore if you don’t want anyone to know something don’t tell anyone. Of course, we’re human, we love to chat, we love to share. We are infatuated with the idea there could be someone out there that we can trust with our whole life. Maybe just maybe, there might be a few. They are the diamonds In a ruff. However even then, they can accidentally, or purposely tell someone your secret, they do something you don’t approve of. Now what? You throw away the friendship, build walls? One, is now left to hurt over the betrayal. When in the first place it’s nobody responsibility to protect your own secrets, your own heart, but yours. 

Why should we trust others? 
We want to trust others for many reasons. We want support, a friend for life, an ear, advice, relief and security. The thought of having some else we can count on it’s wonderful. Many times it’s helpful. Sometimes we can’t  just rely on our own minds. We need to outsource. 

That’s where we make the choice on who to trust.

There is a fine line. The line between giving your secrets away, and needing someone’s trust. That is where you get to choose where to draw it. I personally have very few friends, family I trust. I can only name 1 person I trust with my whole entire life. That is my grandmother. After her, there are only a handful I can’t trust with certain information. 

It’s a beautiful thing having people you can trust. That means you make good judgment, great selections. However it’s just as liberating trusting in yourself. Trusting in what you believe in. 

In conclusion

Trust in yourself. Trust what you believe in.  If it’s a person, just make sure you can identify this persona morals. Length of time knowing them and how they have proved their loyalty to you. Give other’s an opportunity to earn your trust, but always remember to trust your inner intuition.

-Monica M. Nicanor 

Image source: Google


3 thoughts on “Trust in Yourself ”

  1. Dear Monuca, happy sunday. Good to see you blogging weekly.
    This is a powerful powerful post. I totally agree with what you have written. The persons i trust completely is my mum. And dad if he was a live. I agree we have to trust and our judgement grow over time.

    I add i trust the divine and my connection with him.

    Great post. Enjoy the rest of your sunday. Regards bella

    Liked by 1 person

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