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Saying Goodbye to 23 

There is officially 10 days left till my 24th birthday! I’m known to be the person who gets extremely excited for thier birthday and this year is no different. Most people question my enthusiasm. They don’t understand my excitement, as they say “it’s just another day.” I love my birthdays because it’s the one special day that’s all about me. (At least in my world) Most of the time April 21, is an adventures day, a moment in time where I treat myself extra special and so does the world. The happiness I experience this day is unmeasurable as the birthday wishes, and gifts are indispensable. Also, the wisdom and vision of a bright future makes another year, worth another celebration. 

Now with 24 quickly approaching, I feel time clicking faster than ever. When I was about 13-18 I used to think 24 years old had it all together. Their Career was made, the house was bought, the family was being formed. Now as I approach this age I see that’s not always the case. Everyone has thier road map and no one needs to follow the same journey as any else. I realize now just because one doesn’t have a collage degree or have the car of thier dreams, doesn’t make a man less. It doesn’t even mean I’m wrong for the decisions I’v made. It simply means I have another path, and I am aware of it. That should be all that matters. As long as you know where your going and you set a plan to get there. That’s all that matters. 

I would like to share the 3 most important things I learned from being 23.

The first is one I have been learning for a few years but have finally conquered. 

      1. Love & Believe in yourself       unconditionally.

This has to be one of the biggest keys to success. When you love & believe in  yourself unconditionally everything becomes simpler. You become invincible. You are confident in yourself and your abilities. You don’t get easily discouraged, offended, and no one can hurt you. Your learn that you are your biggest cheerleader,  and your best friend.

     2. Your thoughts create feelings, feelings create action. 

If I could have know this years or even 2 month ago, I would pay someone a million dollars. This right here is golden. A majority of things produced in our lives come from our thoughts. As our thinking of our life creates our experience in the world. Whatever it is your thinking creates a feeling, a desire in you to do something. From there we act upon the feeling. I always knew thoughts were powerful but never quite understood how much. I know now moving foward to be careful with what  I think, wish for, because I just might get it. 

      3. Treasure those around you, because you’ll never know when is your, or thier  last day. 

Whether it be death, separation, any reason, there comes a time where people you know leave you or you leave them. The last day with someone can come unexpected or planned but it never gets easier when it’s someone one loves. That’s why it’s important to treat others with kindness and always like it might be the last day you see them. No one has any day garrenteed. All we got is this moment. 

Overall becoming conscious of time has now lead me to want to succeed everyday in every moment. As time is something we’ll never get back. It’s a moment in time that can progress us foward or backward. I’v learned to treasure every moment good or bad because it’s the only moment we have. 

Now with my 24th birthday around the corner. I welcome a new year, new opportunities, and much more happiness. 

Thankyou for reading this and I hope when your birthday comes around you make it a big deal, because you are one! 

Love, Monica M. Nicanor 


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to 23 ”

  1. A very wise 23 year old soon to be 24. Great post. Can i say that about me when i was 23, 24, 25.. i definately understood point 3. I still was working on point 1 and struggling. Point 2 ..i have to say was slowly being developed.. i think all three points for me are still being developed will i ever reach 100% . They say a life is a journey not a destination. With that i add as one gets older and battered by life, one learns a deeper and more profound beauty of as one journeys a spiritual path ..a path of being careful of thoughts of becoming wiser and letting things be water off a ducks back.

    You are very wise for someone so young. Wishing you an Early happy birthday. It is lovely to see your excitement and reflection and inspiring.
    Regards bella

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  2. Hello Bella, I’m glad you are developing these traits. I’m also still working on #2 but after hearing you for the last year and a recent new teacher, I’m able to practice this often and consciously. It’s given me much empowerment & insight in my life.
    Thank you for comment and thinking I am wise at a young age, means a lot coming from you!

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  3. I think we develope these points all our life at different degrees. Becuase life presents different challenges a long the way…but being self aware is the key.. have a good day/evening. Speak soon regards bella

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