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Disneyland Adventures

“The happiest place on Earth,” is what Disneyland is know for. I can definitely see why as yesterday we had an amazing time. The time there and after, leaves memories that last a lifetime. The faces on people also tell me the same. Of course we have our one offs, the long lines, the hot sun that can beat on our skin but overall this place is magical.

It’s as good as I remember it 13 years ago. Happiness, adventure, characters, parades, food, rides, theaters. ​Below are a few pictures of our adventure. A small fraction of what Disney has to offer. 


​Also what better than going to the happiest place with those you love. 

In the end our day ended up magical. We had a blast riding all our favorite rides. 

Some quick tips would be bring your own water, snack and to remember to use your tickets if they offer discounts on food and merchandise. Also to save time in lines get fast tracks, that are free, for the long rides like star tour, Indiana Jones, and space mountain.  We saved about an hour wait on these rides. 

May the force be with you and may you enjoy this glorious day! 

Love, Monica M. Nicanor 


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