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Success- What is it to you?

I have found the secret to success is starting and continuing. Take the first step toward never losing focus of your passion; with a bull determination of never stopping. 

Success to me is working everyday toward my vision. With the confidence of knowing eventually all my efforts will add up, and produce results. For me It all starts by setting my day with the right mindset. This is important as it sets up the day with an action plan vs. navigating blindly. Some of us have great memory that can recall everything that needs to be done, but I find I get more done with an Action Plan. In my agenda I write an Intention of the day, then a to do list where I categorize it by the time of the day I will work on it or right a time next to it. I constantly review my task to keep them refreshed in my mind.

Be proud of your accomplishment. As at end of the day you determined if it was successful or not. Chose to celebrate the small stepping stones as they are the formula to the long term results you seek. So what does success mean to to you? 

Best Regards, Monica 


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