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Happy Challenge Finally: Day 28

The day as come for this challenge to end and I'm excited to share what I learned. I recorded a video to talk about my experience and thoughts on happiness. Throughout this challenge I focused on being a happier person, and realized what happiness means to me. I was supposed to share daily topics of… Continue reading Happy Challenge Finally: Day 28

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Perspectives of Happiness and What it Means to Others

Today’s topic is all about what happiness signifies in other peoples lives. I asked a few people what happiness means to them. All the answers were different but what they all have in common is love for their family and people. The first one I will start with is from a 58 year old man who… Continue reading Perspectives of Happiness and What it Means to Others

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Finding Happiness within yourself

We can search the world for happiness, and material possessions can bring temporary excitement but lasting genuine happiness will always come from within. Everything we ever wanted is from a desire that came from our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Some people say money can buy happiness and it may be true for that short while but when you… Continue reading Finding Happiness within yourself

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How Childhood Shapes Who We Become

Our child hood plays a major role in who we develop to be as adults. Our life experience forms who we are. In youth we are learning from our parents and close peers. Since young age the way we are treated effects our self esteem and confidence. If you are treated with love and kindness… Continue reading How Childhood Shapes Who We Become

28 Days of Happiness

Accepting one another

Happy Challenge Day 26: Today's topic is about acceptable people as they are. Everyone has their own personality and set of trait that make them who they are. Sometimes they are enlightening, wonderful characteristics while other times they are quite not compatible for our standard. Accepting who people are and focusing on bettering ourselves is… Continue reading Accepting one another