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Hiking through California

There are many different ways to workout. all offering incredible results. My favorite ways to workout involves a nice hike through nature. I like to travel to many different spot but this one happens to be near me. It is called Simpson Park, and also allows pets and offers a spectacular view. The location above… Continue reading Hiking through California

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Graffiti Waterfall

The Graffiti Waterfall is a marvelous sight to see. It is located in Riverside County in California and Is a hiking trail filled with an artistic view. It's a little over a mile long and is a easy walk up to this mountain. Getting there is tricky. The best way to find the trail is… Continue reading Graffiti Waterfall

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Finding Happiness within yourself

We can search the world for happiness, and material possessions can bring temporary excitement but lasting genuine happiness will always come from within. Everything we ever wanted is from a desire that came from our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Some people say money can buy happiness and it may be true for that short while but when you… Continue reading Finding Happiness within yourself

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How Childhood Shapes Who We Become

Our child hood plays a major role in who we develop to be as adults. Our life experience forms who we are. In youth we are learning from our parents and close peers. Since young age the way we are treated effects our self esteem and confidence. If you are treated with love and kindness… Continue reading How Childhood Shapes Who We Become