Why you shouldn’t settleĀ in a Relationship

In a relationship, when things first start there usually near perfect.  However as, time goes on ones true colors start to show. Sometimes there not always pretty, and the person you fell for is no longer the same. Then your left in a predicament where you want to leave, but can’t because you remember the person for the good you once saw.

What to do? Love yourself enough to know you don’t deserve harsh treatment. I’m not saying for one to leave the relationship if things are going bad, but to raise your standard. Let him know what you won’t accept, and say firm with your actions.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve, we never know when are last day will be so spend it with someone who makes you smile, laugh, respects you and loves you unconditionally. If you love the man, and have faith things could get better even thought he’s not treating you right raise your standards.

Change you. Change the things you accept. It all starts with what you allow so dare to be brave, and not let anyone treat you less that you deserve.

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Respectfully, Monica Marie