5 Time-Tested Methods That Will Help Get The Success You Deserve

Great Steps to Sucesss by Jay Colby.

Jay Colby

There are around 7 billion people in the world and 325 million people in the United States.  About 87% of people polled in a recent study cited how they would like to be successful in at least one area in their life. Whether it be in business, personal life, school, career or lifestyle most people want to be “successful” in whatever they do. However, achieving success in any area has its challenges i.e. unforeseen obstacles and setbacks that can deter us from obtaining our already predestined success. Goal setting is the true secret to success in any area of life. Setting your goals may seem simple, achieving them usually is another question altogether. A S.M.A.R.T. goal is defined as one that is specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound. According to its criteria goals should be simplistically written and clearly define exactly what we want to achieve.  Here are 5…

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Let’s be Inspired by Oprah Winfrey – On International Women’s Day

Happy Woman’s Day! 

Love this Video Bella has shared, on Oprah Winfrey. She shares her history and her believes that have made her successful!


I came across this you-tube video  a few weeks ago. The youtuber (Evan Carmichael)  has compiled these 10 rules that he feels are Oprah rules for her success.   Well, I don’t know what Oprah would say, if she agrees, that  these are her 10 rules for success.    Nevertheless,  this is a good summary of very inspiring points that Oprah has made on different occasions.

I hope this video on Oprah inspires you.

This is my contribution to Inter-national Women’s Day,  as inspiration.

 It is not my video so credit to Evan CarMichael the creator.

Be inspired, be great, be yourself, be motivated, be your friend, make it happen.  Share your success, and enjoy others success as much as yours.  Be loving and kind, and aspire, and never stop learning and moving forward – even when you are old and grey!

Happy International Women’s Day.

Thank you for stopping…

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Decluttering to Clear Your Mind

Love this concept!

unfiltered from the heart

A cluttered house is a cluttered mind. It’s hard to think with piles of things sitting around in either place, taking up precious space. Taking a few minutes each day to keep the piles from being created; this can save you time and effort on another day.

These past few days, I’ve been attacking clutter head on. While I keep a mostly clean house, I find that some things and areas tend to pile up (things to file away are my weakness it seems, as are books on the coffee table and journals – oh, my!). Now I’m resolving myself to prevent the piles from rebuilding once I’ve broken them down. When I return home now, my house feels more welcoming and friendly.

Sorting things into 3 categories: what to keep, throw away and give away, I helped my daughter to clean her room this week. A bag of trash…

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“28 Days to Loving your Body” Challange 

This challenge was complete success.

The goal here was to learn to love ourselves unconditionally physically and mentally. To realize we are imperfectly perfect, and we can accomplish anything we set out minds too.

I’m grateful and proud of each woman who joined me on this challenge to better themselves. They all did an amazing job! Too see them go from not wanting to workout, to being in the gym at 1am is amazing. It was great to see them step out of their comfort zone, to become a healthier, stronger version of themselves.

Working out is not an accessory but a necessity of life. It’s essential for personal self development as it creates discipline, strength and a healthy mind and body. 

I look forward to doing this challenge ever February! 

Now that I have accomplished this my next challenge will be Christian Guzman    Summer Shredding, challenge. Its a 90 day challenge to joining him on prepping for his Physique Competition. The person with top 10 with biggest transformation wins $2,500. Look  forward to continue to bettering myself in every aspect. 

Also remember it’s never to late to start or continue your fitness of personal development journey! 
Love, Monica M Nicanor 

Misfortune to Victory

When you have pain the best thing you can do is, do something with it.

-Rick Hinnant 

It is said that we humans can not bare to know we went through something tragically for nothing. That we all need to blame something; whether it be ourselves or others. We reason our experience with a story that serve a greater purpose. When we change the perception of how we view the incident our minds; we change from victim to survivor.

She was happy about her child and prepared to take on this level of her life. After Complications Melissa Hinnant of Grace and Lace lost a life. With the sadness that brought, she created an inspiration to many others. Later to open a business that helps encourage many people today. Experiencing pain was just a stage to make the whole situation better. Using the grief had pushed her, it has pushed them.

Melissa & Rick Hinnant created something that is now helping many.

Grace and Lace is now a Woman garment company. During her bed rest period, she decided she needed to do something with her hands. She was inspired to make a baby blanket and to later make socks. From there she continued to sew and hasn’t stopped. One pair turning into two, two into three, the business took off.

Rick & Melissa believed that something good would come with their faith and it did. Grace & Lace donates money to their cause with every purchase. Melissa and Rick together were able to create something beautiful from their pain.

With their faith they were able to transform their story of the loss to a successful philanthropic business. Nothing can replace the loss but what they have done to help other children is priceless. They took their pain and turned it into something beautiful.No matter how and what you’ve gone through in life trust that there will be a brighter side; That you will come out victorious and your lesson will serve a great purpose.

Melissa Hinnant is a survivor, we are not victims; We are survivors.

-Monica Nicanor

Motivation Monday” with Leesha McGuiness;

        Today marks day twenty of our fitness challenge! With 8 days left we are working hard to improve our lifestyle everyday. We are also very lucky to have a special guest, Leesha McGuiness! I came across her after watching a video from Heidi Somers, “10 Fitness girls in one house.” I commented on the video, Leesha replied and from there our relationship was born. I went over to her channel and I was inspired by her journey, and wanted her to share it with us. She happily agreed and took course to be part of the challenge as well.She is nothing but loving, knowledgeable and favorable. 
Below is a Q&A video she has put together for everyone. 
I would like to share it with you all. She has done an excellent job in supporting us and spreading positivity any opportunity she gets. 

Check her channel out for more workouts, nutrition tips, humor, and a view of Australia. 

Thank-You Leesha for your support, your commitment to helping us is being fulfilled. our YouTube is an inspiration and we look forward to meeting you in April!

-Mon ❤️

Fitness Challenge Recap. Why failure is Sucess.

Sooooooo…. Iv been very quite lately on WordPress, considering I started my fitness Challenge to give myself something to write about everyday & to  promote my Blog. (Besides wanting to challenge myself physically & mentally of course.) I was planning to write mental workouts on here everyday, but to be honest I put more on my plate than I can handle. This being my first challenge I didn’t know what to expect, or much less how to plan for this event. However the hard work doesn’t take away, how grateful and blessed I feel to be able to host this Challenge.

I tend to feel guilty when I set out to do something, and I don’t accomplish it. I am now trying to change that, because I do my best, and that needs to be enough for me. Theres no point to feel like a failure because in reality I’m succeding somewhere else. That place right now happenes to be the challenge. I’m pushing myself, and others to create better versions of themselves, and that is exactly what I wanted. Its one of my reasons why I started my blog, to help myself while helping others. 

These ladies are pushing themselves to come out of their comfort level, and creating healthier lifestyles. I know when this is over I will leave something with them, that if this challenge was not created, they would not have.  I am also exelerating to another level,  because of this challenge, and I got each person who is participating to thank.  For those reason  I will continue to do my best, and feel successful even when I miss one shot. I hope whatever you are doing, you don’t give up, do your best, and you are happy with your sucess! 

Thankyou for reading, and for supporting me in my ventures! 


I have the Power to Choose. I have the Will Power. It is up to me to ….

Beautiful Post on Gratitude & Blessings.
For today, write 10 things your grateful for and reflect on them.


Remember to make every day count, even Monday.   And, be thankful you have a job, that you can earn money. Or even if you don’t work, be thankful for what you have.  Be thankful for the tablet, ipad, computer, the mobile phone that allows you to read this post on.   Be thankful for the bed you sleep in, the home, the food, the light, and the warm bath.

Be thankful, that you have an opportunity to live well and make your life better.   It is all a choice,  I can love it or dislike it,  I can change that feeling of negative into positive, or positive into negative.

In everything there is a blessing, change your attitude to it all and you will see the blessing in everything, including the horrible stuff.  When you look for blessings, even at difficult times, you stop your mind from overthinking a problem…

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Fitness Challenge Day:2 

I am beyond stoked for the Woman who are participating! They are all working so hard, and it make me happy to see them getting stronger everyday!

Today we did Legs, and the mental stimulation for today will be to write a small passage as to:

Why are you choosing to better yourself?

For many it’s health, for others it’s image, for me it’s to live my life purpose.

To become my all, I must work every single day to be a better me. Nothing rewarding in life is given. I don’t want to be 27 wishing I did this, and that, I want to be 27 and be able to do whatever I please in this world. With no restriction of money, insecurity, or a prisoner to my own mind. To see my vision manefist, I know I must always do my best, so what I plant now, will harvest later. This is my long term goal. For a closer vision, when I turn 24 in three months, I want to be extremely proud of my self. Beyond, happy with my mind, body, and soul. This is why I choose to better myself everyday.

Now what your reason? Write it on a paper, and visit this everytime your feel like giving up.

You are stronger than you think, don’t every forget that!

Have a wonderful Day/Night Everyone!

Love, Monica

Ps. Repeat this Affirmation to yourself & Belive it!

Fitness Challenge Day 1

Today is the first day of our, “28 Days to Loving your body challenge.”The purpose here is not loses 5 pounds in a month, but to creating a active, healthy  lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

The workouts are a being held on a private chat, however I will be posting the daily mental stimulation we have here. 

Feel free to join in at any time 🙂

The only thing you’ll need is a Journal and a pen to document daily progress. 

We will start with a Monthly Affirmation.  

Everyday when you wake up and look in the mirror (or remember to) repeat this to yourself 10 times, and believe it!

Now to determine our current state of energy, and watch it transform in 28 days, we will take a  quiz to evaluate ourselves. Write it in our journal, and save it. We will compare our own numbers in the end. 

“How well do I feel about myself Quiz”

Rank each question from 1-10. 

(1 being the least 10 being the most) 

1. How much do you love yourself 

2. How confident do you feel about your body image? 

3. On average how much energy do you have throughout the day?

4. How happy are you?

5. What is your excitement level, for greeting a new day?

6. How content are you with your workout routine?

7. How happy are you  with your daily habits? 

Now add up the points: 

If you scored 7-20This challenge is definitely for you. Life can sometimes be a little daunty, and you could use some inspiration, and motivation. Your own your way to a better lifestyle. 

20-35 You have be best intentions to raise your standard of lifestyle, but need a little  push. With support and a game plan, you will crush your goals in no time! 

36-55 You are Content with life, things are going smooth, but life can definitely use a little spice. You are definitely ready to slay this challenge.

56-60- Nothing is stopping you. Your are happy, and nobody is raining on your parade. You are not afraid of a challenge and always welcoming new opportunitys. This will be a piece of cake for you, but this will be a heartfelt challenge so don’t miss out. 🙂

Comment below, share this post, and let’s empower one another.

Love – Monica Nicanor