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Day 13: Confession Time

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a pleasant day! I am having a much better day than the last few ones. This leads me to a confession to tell you all. These last few days have been more difficult than others, and I haven't been the peppiest I wish I could have been.… Continue reading Day 13: Confession Time

Best Self

Just Be Happy 

This Morning I was watching a sermon from Joel Osteen, and he stated how studies show happiness of people, increases 10% on Friday than any other day. Why is that? People make up there mind the weekend is coming so they have a reason to be happy. They made up their mind on Friday they can… Continue reading Just Be Happy 

Best Self

How Meaningful Relationship can make you Happier

The best things in life are free; love, kindness, freedom, and friendship. No matter how old we get we will always need these emotions, and in the end of our days the things that will matter the most is you who you loved, and who loved you! Research has been done on many elderly people on what matter the most at old age and… Continue reading How Meaningful Relationship can make you Happier

28 Days of Happiness

Why Planning is not Enough and Executing is Key

We can sit and plan all day, but if we don’t execute the plan with action most of it was a waste of time. No matter how good you set the plan hour by hour, if it’s not getting done what the point in planning anyway? Well here is why we should plan. You set… Continue reading Why Planning is not Enough and Executing is Key

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Gratitude and Why We Should be Grateful

No matter what you are going through in life you can always be grateful. Gratitude goes a long way; it strengthens our emotions, makes happier memories, and helps us rebound from stress. When we feel grateful we are allowing ourselves to be in a positive state. As we practice being grateful it becomes a habit.… Continue reading Gratitude and Why We Should be Grateful

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Todays Humor Spend at least 5  minutes a day laughing, on your own. Studies show how laughing burns calories, lowers the risk against Heart Disease, increases immune system and improves our resistance against disease. In addition, to often we find ours self's stressed from the day challenges so why not take our brain to a happy place? News Anchor and Chris… Continue reading Todays Humor

Best Self

Travel Adventures- California

This week was one of my best friend, Stephanie, 26th birthday! We went up Northern California, to Sacremento and  San Francisco plus a few more exciting stops. She is a an adventures adrenaline seeker so naturally she wanted to go sky diving. I however, have a limit so I met her in the middle and we decided to go zipling! That was the highlight… Continue reading Travel Adventures- California